Workshop on Heavy Particles at the LHC


5–7 January 2011


The LHC is exploring a new energy frontier, with heavy particles being the epicenter of the experimental analysis. Early LHC data already offer new opportunities for precise studies of the top-quark, the heaviest particle in the Standard Model, and electroweak gauge bosons. Heavy colored particles postulated in benchmark extensions of the Standard Model may also be discovered.

In this workshop, we shall compare Tevatron and novel LHC measurements of heavy particle production cross-sections against theory predictions from calculations at the forefront of perturbative QCD. We will study the implications of the new data for physics beyond the Standard Model, and develop efficient strategies for discriminating the rich decay pattern of heavy particles from mundane background processes.

The workshop will bring together specialists in perturbative QCD, model building, and experimental particle physics. We are in exciting times, where a wealth of theoretically motivated predictions for new heavy particles, powerful methods for precise theory cross-section calculations, and high quality data amalgamate. We hope that this workshop will stimulate further progress in a field at the front of particle physics phenomenology.

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ETH Zurich, main building (HG), Downloadlecture hall F 5 (PDF, 504 KB)external pageRämisstrasse 101, Campus Zentrum.
To find your way to ETH Zentrum, please consult the site plans of ETH Zürich.

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, Rikkert Frederix, Aude Gehrmann-de Ridder, Thomas Gehrmann, Zoltan Kunszt, Daniel Wyler

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